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CMM Services

MICROTEC Measurement Systems is the leading precision dimensional measurement laboratory

Our CMM Lab services are an impartial 3rd Party service that is here to help. Our team specializes in the design and implementation of plans that enable our CMM Lab to position our customers to receive the best data possible, in the timeliest manner and the most competitive of costs. Our reliability and precision positions us to help many companies with projects that range from a few simple features on one or two parts, to the most complex features on many parts.
Microtec has state of art Mitutoyo CMM and MCosmos software with full CAD capabilities with Our lab in a temperature-controlled environment. We offer accurate results, cost effective, competitive pricing and faster turnaround. See our CMM Services below
The services that we offer in our CMM Lab go by many names; simply Part Inspection Projects, 1 Inspection to name a few. Many of the companies that we work with also trust our services when it comes to PPAP projects and multiple part Capability Studies. Every project is different; therefore the first best service we can provide is listening. We listen to our customers’ needs and help them by using the best tools available for each project.