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CMM Inspection Services to Automotive, Aerospace and Other Precision Machining Industries

Microtec Measurement Systems is the leading precision dimensional measurement laboratory providing a wide range of quality measurement services to Automotive, Aerospace and various other manufacturing industries. We have over 20 years of experience in CMM, Metrology, GD&T and SPC.


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CMM Measurement and Inspection Services

CMM Measurement and Inspection Services

We specialize in providing CMM inspection services to various industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Aircraft, Nuclear, Medical Manufacturing and many more. In this competitive world, we use state-of-the-art methods for inspection. Our professionals strive to fulfill clients’ requirements. We have the most experienced team who is specialists in both electronics and mechanics. We are experts in all CMM services and deliver your project at a given time and it does not harm your pocket.

Sasi Dharan
Sasi Dharan
I have known and worked with Microtec. Their expertise and professionalism are exceptional, and we entrust them with our quality inspection needs. They have a great knowledge base and would benefit anyone or organization seeking their services.
Priyadarshini Naidu
Priyadarshini Naidu